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If you’re here, it’s most likely because you’re a reader of the Twilight fan fiction My Lost Youth. It was born in 2009 and first appeared on TwilightersAnonymous.com, then on fanfiction.net and Twilighted.net (it can be read here on fanfiction.net).

Writing My Lost Youth was my introduction to the world of fan fiction, which has been invaluable. Although the Twilight fandom is waning, My Lost Youth is still in progress, and I’ve created a new home for it with this blog. Although I’ll still publish on ff.net and twlighted.net, this will be the place for readers to get updates, insights, view related art, etc.

So sit back, pull up your plate of mushroom ravioli, and enjoy.


Spring 2013 Update

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It’s been a while since My Lost Youth was updated, and some readers may have decided that My Lost Youth has become My Lost Fic. I’m happy to report that’s not the case. About ten months ago, I simply had to accept a few realities, one being that that it’s not one book, but three. What’s been published so far is the first draft of the first book.

So MLY is now a trilogy. I’ve been working on it steadily over the last year, but decided not to post new chapters until it’s finished. It’s still a few months away from completion, but soon there will be a couple of new things for MLY readers to chew on.

The first will be My Love Was Weary, an outtake of Carlisle discovering Esme at the hospital in Ashland, and the other will be The Night Esme Fought Back – which, to Twilight readers, is probably self-explanatory. I’ll also be posting a couple of preview chapters from Book Two of the trilogy.

Book One has also been much-revised, and will be re-published once the trilogy is finished. To those fond of the first draft: don’t worry. The first couple chapters about Esme and Carlisle have been dropped and moved to Book Two, but that’s the most drastic change. There’s also been an expansion of Edward’s pre-flu life and first couple newborn months, but the rest is intact – just tightened up.

And so on we go…